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We understand you may be asking yourself, why pay for Seamless Gutters in Aluminum or Steel over going to Home Depot for Vinyl Sectional Gutters?

Quality Installation, Security and Strength are the largest reasons for choosing Seamless Gutters in Aluminum or Steel for Colorado's Weather.

When our team installs your Seamless Gutters, we make sure to provide a thorough inspection for common issues caused by wear, damage, poor installation or lack of maintenance.

Without a proper inspection, you may have a newly installed gutter system with the exact same problems you were needing fixed. Whether it was a backflowing gutter causing siding and foundation damage, improperly placed downspouts which may lack proper drainage.

We provide recommendations based on your homes needs

Without a pushy sales tactic, only honest information. Changes which may include installing a french drain when you don't have proper drainage, installation of Heat Cable if you find yourself with severe ice damming. Gutter Guard installations if you find yourself cleaning your gutters very often or hiring us for the same stubborn gutter with pine needles.

We understand gutters are a large part of your homes defense against water damage, because if water doesn't flow away from your home's foundation and into the sewer. You may be in for a larger issue than having a drippy or clogged gutter.

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5" Regular & 6" Oversized Seamless Gutters

5-inch seamless gutter is the standard, though oversized 6-inch is becoming more popular. Seamless gutter can come in larger sizes, most common in commercial or industrial applications.

Material options are Aluminum which is standard, as well as Galvanized Steel which is a more dent resistant material. We usually recommend Aluminum, only in specific cases does steel work better.

Most likely you may find yourself needing 5-inch seamless aluminum gutter.

In case you are interested, the main reasons you would install 6-inch gutter would be:

Gutter over 40' with only 1 downspout

Onto Lower gutters with gutters above draining into them

Long Gutter runs reaching over 60'

Rooflines with large concentrations of water onto small portions of gutter or with high water flow

Aluminum is standard

Steel used for increased durability

We provide a variety of colors

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Here are a few things you can expect from us:



  • We will provide you a full explanation of our recommended solutions.

  • No hard sales tactics only honest information based on your homes needs.

Because we know that it is not just the gutters we are affecting but the beauty and the longevity of the home.


The best technicians in the business

  • With High View Construction, you know you are getting the highest quality service at a reasonable price.

No matter the weather, High View is here ready for any and all your repair needs.


A full clean up and follow up after every job

  • We understand you work hard to keep your home looking nice, we make sure to keep it that way.
  • Our technicians will always inspect your home before leaving to ensure there is no remaining debris.

We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied, and we go the extra mile to make your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.